Praying For Kenya


On Sunday we remembered our link with the Kenya Fund and Timboni Primary school.

Several countries in East Africa are facing drought following multiple poor rainy seasons. Drought, along with economic insecurity, crop failures, livestock deaths, ongoing conflict and climatic shock has led to food insecurity and the need for food assistance for more than 17 million people across East Africa.

Kenya has been experiencing erratic rainfall and prolonged dry spells. About 70 percent of Kenyans are smallhold farmers who grow crops and/or keep livestock. The erratic weather has resulted in reduced crop yield, crop failure and reduced animal pastures, as well as dwindling or drying of many water sources such as rivers, streams and ponds.

The ongoing prolonged drought has resulted in thedeath of livestock and acute food and water shortages. In towns and cities, food prices have gone up by 50 to 60 percent. In February, the Kenyan government declared the ongoing drought a national emergency. The government also projects the number of food insecure people in Kenya will significantly increase from 2.7 million to 4 million by the start of April 2017.

Please continue praying for the drought situation Kenya is experiencing in some regions. In 2016 the rains were poor, leaving 1.3 million Kenyans in need of food aid, according to government figures. The government has started distributing maize, beans and rice to those in the worst affected northern and coastal regions.

Praise God, there has been rain in the last few weeks in some regions. Please keep on praying that the efforts of the Kenyan government and NG organisations would bring much needed relief to those affected, especially as they begin to till their lands in preparation for the next season.

Kenya Fund

Jambo! This Sunday we thought about life in Kenya and the circuit’s work for the Kenya Fund.

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Rev Charles Makonde & Joyce  joined our circuit in September 2007 but before coming to England he was the Superintendant at Wesley MC in Mombasa.  They provided our link with Kenya. Since then the Mid Cheshire circuit has supported a range of projects including: an HIV/Aids test and counselling centre and the Timboni nursery and primary school.

Timboni started out as a nursery school under a mango tree. Since fundraising for the school began, new classrooms have been built, resources and teaching aids have been provided, the school has increased in size to take in primary aged children. 8 of the children have now gone on to high school. Daily, the school provides meals for all 306 children.

Today our collection from Davenham, Sandiway, Hartford and Cuddington went to support the work in Kenya.

Please pray for the work in Kenya.