Toilet Twinning

toilet twinning

This year for Lent we are supporting Tearfund’s Toilet Twinning project. By collecting change in the jars available from Margaret, we aim to raise the funds to twin our toilet and improve sanitation in one of the world’s poorest countries.

2.4 billion people don’t have a loo.

Around a third of the world’s population have to use fields, streams, rivers, railway lines, canal banks, road-sides, plastic bags or disease-breeding buckets.

Toilet twinning raises funds to enable people living in poor communities to have clean water, a basic toilet, and to learn about hygiene – a vital combination which helps to eradicate poverty.

Every 5 minutes a child under 5 dies because of dirty water and poor sanitation.

In Africa, half of the girls who drop out of school do so to collect water or because the school doesn’t have a toilet.

Women and girls are vulnerable to snakes bites or being attacked as they walk to use the toilet at night in the open.

£60 twins a family latrine.

£240 twins a school block